Friday, October 24, 2008

albany, boston temple, walden pond, lovelies

I don't have much time to write a full report of the splendid time I had in Albany. I most enjoyed simply spending time with Sierra and Joe (and baby...I felt him kick/move around). Here are a few pictures from my trip. It was oh so gorgeous this time of year (my favorite season EVER).

employment enough

My friends ask what I will do when I get there. Will it not be employment enough to watch the progress of the seasons? –Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, October 19, 2008

walden pond

more to come. got back today from visiting sierra, joe, and baby (still in the oven) abel. this is one picture from our trip to walden pond. so grand.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

kenny and kari

They got married in the Sacramento temple Saturday 11 October. My dad drove my mom, Bags, and me out Friday afternoon. They picked me up from school and we picked up Andrew from the Sacramento airport around midnight PDT. We stumbled into the hotel and promptly fell asleep.

The Sacramento temple is gorgeous and I fell in love with the grounds and the landscape even surrounding the grounds. As we pulled up to the temple that morning we saw some wild turkeys and deer making their way through the countless oak trees. One of my favorite things about the grounds is this old oak tree left standing rather close to the temple itself. I'll put the picture in.

Kari's grandpa performed the sealing. It was really special and I learned things I need to do to become a better me. Sealings are always quite the tear-jerkers for me. It's just so special to see two worthy people join together in one moment that links them for all of eternity. Kenny and Kari were happy of course.

Pictures, pictures, pictures came after that. Then we went over to Kari's parents' house. We had a fine feast and then just chilled while the reception played out. They had it from 1-3 and that was nice because we didn't have to bum around all day. It was sunny but a bit nippy. I got sunburned even though I was kind of cold all day long. I enjoyed talking with the Evan/Corine Clark family. I have such a great family!!!

We decorated the car, bid the newlyweds farewell, helped clean up, and headed back to the hotel. I desperately wanted to find a bookstore and the guy at the front desk told me there was a Barnes and Noble only a 3-4 minute drive away. So off we went for a little walk. Well, turns out we never found the B and N. It was at least a 10 minute drive away as we found out the next day while leaving town. Oh well. I enjoyed myself out in the fresh air. Andrew was being kind of a babypants, but I guess I should be used to it because he's my younger brother. No, he wasn't that bad--just his usual, teasing self.

Sunday was a long drive home. We saw the snow that had fallen on the mtns. Glorious. Not quite ready for the cold, but come what may, eh?

I leave tomorrow night for Albany (Sierra, Joe, and baby-not-yet-born!!!). I'm grateful for fall break. I'll have a lot of papers to grade, but Term 1 is almost over. Can you believe I've almost survived another term of school? Crazy daisy.

Listen to some Guster. It will make you happy (at least it makes me happy). Laters.

Sunday, October 5, 2008