Monday, December 9, 2013

first 10K

Margie drove all the way from Arizona so we could run a race together.  Sadly it was pretty junky weather.  But we managed to have a good time despite the downpour.  Andrew and the kiddos tagged along since little H bear won't take a bottle and the race was about an hour away.  I pretty much have the awesomest friend, husband, and kids.  

We got soaked.  It wasn't raining too hard at the start of the race but that didn't last for long.  We ran in Malibu state park and ran through some of the place they filmed M.A.S.H.  Andrew and I finished watching all 11 seasons of it about a month ago, so it was lots of fun to see an old M.A.S.H. jeep and other stuff from the movie set that's still out.  

I had such a nice weekend with Marge.  I'm sad we don't live closer to each other, but I'm glad she's so kind enough that I've been able to see her twice this year.  She's a lovely one.  I also went to my first movie in the theater since "Les Mis."  We went and saw "Philomena."  It was pretty good.  Not my favorite ever, but I do love me some Judi Dench, and girls' night out is always restorative.