Monday, September 28, 2009


Rushwrite. Whatever comes to mind I write. I have about six minutes until fourth period starts and I feel the write. I don't know what will come out. I haven't been very diligent about writing on here of late. Life is crazily happy for me at the moment and I'll be sure to add some details as to what makes up my happiness right now. But that's for later. For now.... I'd like to write about September. September is the kindest month. Warm enough for me to still run in shorts and tank on dark mornings. Sweet enough to send the scent of ripening grapes my way as I pass on my bike. Glorious enough to intice me all the way up South Fork to gaze at the splendor of fall. Peaceful enough to allow me to swing on the neighbor's hammock and enjoy hour-long Sunday conversations on the phone. Gracious enough to afford me so many many many new blessings. Kind enough to continue to amaze me with the wonderful natures of my students. Time enough to attend the temple almost weekly.
And now my time is up. One more class. Faculty meeting. The rest of September's last Monday to enjoy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sabbath thoughts

Happy Sabbath!

I'm teaching in Relief Society today and the lesson is about Relief Society itself. One of the quotes I found powerful is something Emma Smith said:

"We are going to do something extraordinary."

We are.

I am.

You are.

I know this quote was given in direct relation to Relief Society, but I think one can employ it elsewhere also.

One way we can do something extraordinary is by helping others do extraordinary things. Yesterday I competed in the Yuba triathlon. It was one the happiest races I've had. Why? Well, it's a tri, first of all; it's a given that I've fallen hard for tris. But one of the main reasons was that I decided to say, "Nice job," to every runner I passed by. We had a fairly long out and back, so I was able to see runners who were ahead of me and behind me. I so enjoyed encouraging my fellow racers. It made the run sail by a lot more quickly for me. Those I encouraged helped me do something extraordinary. Smiles shared have such a strong force.

Counting my blessings. Today I'm grateful for:
  • Love.
  • Support.
  • The peace that comes through temple attendance.
  • My healthy body.
  • My family.
  • My dear dear friends.
  • Music.
  • Hymns.
  • Prayer.
  • The Spirit.
  • Heavenly Father.
  • Jesus Christ.
  • New adventures.
  • My students.
  • September nights.
  • Memories.
  • Walks.
Well, that's all for now. I had originally titled this "a Sabbath thought," but one thought would not do today. There's too much for which to be grateful. Loves!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

who could ask for anything more?

"Days can be sunny with never a sigh
Don't need what money can buy
Birds in the trees sing their dayful of songs
Why shouldn't we sing along?
I'm chipper all the day
Happy with my life
How do I get that way?
Look at what I've got:
I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man
Who could ask for anything more?"

-Ella Fitzgerald

Je ne pourrais pas.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

tradition? september's first day

I so much liked listing what I did 1 August that I'm doing likewise for September's first day. I doubt I'll keep this up month after month, but I had such a great day yesterday I thought I'd write about it. It was one of those days I looked back on at the end and wondered how I'd been able to do so much. One reason I had such a great day was that I actually followed through with my plans. So here goes:
  1. Wake up half hour before alarm
  2. Pray
  3. Read/study/think: scripture time
  4. Ponder on peace
  5. Make lunch and snacks (yes snacks, because I do have "hunger management problems")
  6. Eat cheerios with raisins
  7. Gear up in Dad's reflective vest, new tail light, and headlamp
  8. Pump up tires
  9. Hop on bike
  10. Ride, ride, ride
  11. Arrive at school
  12. Enjoy a full, wonderful day with sophomores
  13. Read from Light from the Yellow Star
  14. Begin Night
  15. Evacuate for fire drill
  16. Back into bike clothes
  17. Mount bike again
  18. Feel free without backpack's weight
  19. Ride from school up the canyon for a longer ride
  20. Arrive at Vivian Park
  21. Refill on water
  22. Head home
  23. Feel strong
  24. Turn in at home
  25. Drink more water
  26. Eat some cantaloupe
  27. Shower
  28. Attend temple
  29. Think
  30. Feel calm, joy, peace
  31. Step out of temple
  32. Still feel peace and happiness
  33. Head home
  34. Dinnertime
  35. Talk with the family
  36. Wash dishes
  37. Call friendlies
  38. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  39. Talk with lovelies
  40. Unsuccessfully ward off mozzies
  41. More talk
  42. Pray, ever so gratefully
  43. Sleep

Yes, a mighty fine day. And just think, each day that follows can be even more grand. I'm most likely sounding rather cheesy, but I'm loving life right now. I love that my students are so wonderful. They make coming to school not seem like the burden I sometimes let it seem like. I really look forward to teaching and being with them.

OK, I must finish getting ready for today.