Thursday, July 18, 2013

18 july 2013

Today started early as E woke up at 6:30.  The sound of garbage cans rolling against the rough asphalt disturbed his slumber.  My eyes and body craved more sleep but H was stirring as well, so up we got up.  Getting up does not equal waking up.  In other words, it took a while to wake up.  We all got moving eventually.  

We went on a walk up through the quiet neighborhoods and back home again to shower.  Rew left for campus and instead of going to the grocery store I let H sleep.  I feel like I'm always interrupting her naps by running errands or by getting E out of the house.  This resulted in no nap for me today because she woke up minutes after E crashed for his.  But I was glad for the one-on-one time with E.  we read, colored, and ate lunch together.  We also tried out our new camera. 

With E asleep for his nap, H and I got to do some pretty fine cooing and singing and smiling.  I also got the laundry started. E slept for almost two hours and we finished up the wash.  Rew returned home and I sunscreened up to go teach a couple swim lessons.  H was wailing something fierce by the time I returned.   Poor girl still won't take a bottle.

I fed her while Andrew made dinner.  We ate and then got ready to skedaddle so Rew could participate in and record his scripture roundtable (I adore his whistling at the beginning).  With the two cherubs in tow, I went to Kohl's with a ten dollars card.  We came out with a new puzzle for E.  I didn't have to pay anything.  Great, eh?  Then we went to Sprouts for some fruits and veggies.  After arriving home, H was hankering for another feeding, so I obliged while Rew washed all the dishes.  Scripture reading with E was next on the list and then stories and prayers.  

We've been struggling to know how to get E to stay in his bed, but Rew sat by his door and he finally fell asleep.  H went to sleep with no trouble at all.  I got a chance to look over my lesson for Sunday school and now I'm fighting to keep my eyes open.  Sleep sounds like a good idea.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the last day of june

this was what i was doing the day before we took off for utah.  
these kids wear me out, but they fill me with so much joy.