Thursday, December 4, 2014

morning happiness along with whatever else is on my mind

Morning happiness is when you hear the kids' bedroom door and big brother comes out and beelines it out for little sister.  Straightaway he says, "Good morning Sissy," and gives her the sweetest and biggest hug.

I've felt super spacey today.  I'm having a hard time focusing and holding on to thoughts.  I should probably just go to bed.  But there are a few things I'd like to remember and write about now because if I don't then they'll be gone.

I made a select few Christmas cards this year to send out.  After I addressed them, I was sad I didn't have one for my Gma and Gpa Clark.  I have one for all the other gparents (greats to our kids), but not one for them.  Every time I drive up Center Street in Orem, I feel the same way.  I miss them.  It's strange knowing I won't ever sit on their couch again or venture down into the basement with its vibrant green carpet.  I miss their smiles and their hugs.

E is lots of fun.  He built various creations with our tissue boxes about a month ago.  Yesterday when I was prepping dinner, he asked if he could play with the spice carousel.  I set it on the table for him and he went right to work getting creative.  Such joy.
please to be noticing Strongbad fitting in the wooden spatula's hole

We had a great time hanging out with PNTHK while they were here.  E and H were fast friends and got crazy together pretty quickly, as young boys are wont to do.  I loved seeing them hold hands as they sang "Jingle Bells" on Temple Square.  H was singing the Batman version while E kept repeating this line over and over: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, all the way to Bethlehem."

We rode frontrunner up to see the lights.  It was such a warm night that I was in shock.  It was really crowded but we still had a good time.

Well, I better get to bed.  Merry Christmastime.  It's getting more and more fun each year to decorate and anticipate holidays with the kids.  E and H have loved the lights on our tree and have loved "decorating" our home for Christmas.