Tuesday, February 22, 2011

break and a few words for the sis

Taking a little break to write. Baby's asleep and I just need ten minutes before continuing on with swim team stuff.

February has gone by so fast. Sure, we still have a week's worth of days left, but March isn't too far off. It boggles my mind that we've been back in the States longer than we were gone.

Things are good. I'm enjoying the sunshine and hoping it continues to warm up. We ordered a stroller and I can't wait to strap Eamon in and go for walks and runs. Yippee!

I dedicate this post to Guya. I want her to know that I'm putting a link to our family blog (Happy Making) on the side so she can find it and check on it and stalk us. Just do it.

Really, though. My sister is amazing. You should check out her writing. This poem is beautiful; she inspired me to meet my goal of writing at least ten minutes a day, be it here, in my journal, in my writer's notebook, or in Eamon's book. I just need to make time for it because I miss it so much and I feel loads better when I'm able to express myself that way. Thanks, Natty.

Alright, break time is over. I'm going to steal a few more minutes to jot down a few lines in my writer's notebook. Perhaps I'll pick up posting again on my writing blog. We'll see.

PS: I love you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

baby boys

Oh, I just love this picture.

On the left is my cousin's baby (b. 21 Oct).
Eamon's in the middle (b. 15 Dec).
On the right is my cousin (b. 31 Sept).

How cool is that? I took this picture yesterday after Eamon's blessing (and after he got poop on his cute tan cords...oh well). It was so fun to visit with so many loved ones yesterday. I just love Eamon-boy. He is smiling more and more of late. This morning we even were graced with the beginnings of a laugh. I'm looking forward to him developing that even more and more.

Things are still wintry around here, but it's not as deathly cold as it was last week. I forced myself out the door after feeding the child this morning to go running. It feels so good to be able to run again. I'm nowhere near any sort of fast, but I'm trying to be patient and understanding with my body. I can't wait to go climbing again even though I'm kind of afraid of the weakling I am now.

Most embarrassing moment of yesterday: when my mom had everyone sing "Happy Anniversary" to Andrew and me. Ergh. That's why I love her, though, along with all the other nice things she and Dad do for us. Anyway, now I'm just blathering. Best be getting back to work. Eamon's asleep so I better get going.