Sunday, April 11, 2010


  • morning runs
  • mr. manly
  • good books (Population 485)
  • food: falafel, grapefruit, and pita pizzas--to name a few
  • General Conference
  • beautiful terraced hills growing hundreds of olive trees
  • laughs
  • one-eyed stares
  • family prayer
  • sleep
  • writing on here again (it's been kinda a long time)
  • an April 6 outing to Bethlehem (Christmas for real!)
  • anticipation of swimming again
  • lizard friends (well, I wish they really were my friends. why do they have to run away as soon as I come near?)
  • words, like these from Gary Paulson:
    "I tell young people to read like a wolf eats. Read when they tell you not to read, and read what they tell you not to read. Kill your TV--they're fun to shoot. However you kill it, kill it. Then where you had TV, read. Carry a book with you. Read on the bus. Read under the covers at night. Read any book with you. Just read."