Tuesday, July 22, 2008

baby smile

Just holding Livvy, my youngest neighbor, last night. She's so precious.

I went riding all the way up South Fork this morning. It was my first time going all the way, so that makes me happy. I had some nice company as Jeff Hammond came along for the ride. The morning was ever so lovely with clouds scattered about. My rib is feeling better, but I'm still rather nervous for the half ironman. It's going to be quite a feat. I haven't even done a full tri! Oh well, it will be a (good) experience to say the least.

Monday, July 21, 2008

wiffle ball

Jeremy, Maki, and Hikari are in town and we had a lil' family get-together with the Provo Skabelunds and Hunts. We ate delicious curry and enjoyed a rousing game of wiffle ball. The Rouge Unicorns fell to the BYU Muskrats 13-10. My best hit was a triple and I caught a pretty nice line drive. But we couldn't overcome the mighty sluggers Alistor and Josh, who both put two homers each over the fence. Ah, such fun times. I love my family so much. I didn't get too many good pictures of the game itself because I was rather into it. It was a grand summer night. I can't believe how quickly summer has flown by; I have three weeks left till I'm back in school--teachers' meetings for a week and then school starts! I'm not ready, but life hasn't stopped on me yet and I don't suppose it will. Peace.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

my pioneer girl brother

This morning before I had to teach swim lessons, I saw Josh playing with the few dress-up clothes we have around here. He had put on some petticoats and I had no trouble at all convincing him to put on the whole ensemble. I told him he couldn't flex his muscles or he'd probably break the poor dress. I adore how he so willingly put on all the items. He did not hesitate at all. I used to do this to Andrew and I'm happy Josh still lets me do it to him (even though I haven't done it in a looong time). I think this is Sierra's old dress for something; I can't remember. I don't recall ever wearing it.

Anyhow, enjoy Josh in a purple-checkered dress and happy Independence Day everyone!