Saturday, May 29, 2010

miss frizzle/this one's for guya

so i totally felt like miss frizzle yesterday. sadly, i don't have crazy powers to take a whole group of grade school kids through the workings of a human body's immune system. and, somewhat sadly, i don't have miss frizzle's wacky-amazing dress style.

i did happen to mimic her in sporting similar style. our sunbeam lesson was entitled "i am thankful for fish." well, natty got me these sweet fish earrings from mexico and as i was putting them on yesterday to coordinate with the lesson, i just couldn't help but smile. i felt, in a very small way, like miss frizzle. and i smiled about it and thought about her and nat all day long and just kept smiling. of course, i always feel like miss frizzle in a big way: my frizzhead o' hair. but mine isn't red. the end.