Monday, October 5, 2015

most wonderful time of the year

photo taken last year, 
somewhere between Aspen Grove and Stewart Falls

Nope.  Christmastime is pretty wonderful.  But it's the fall days right now that make my heart soar. 

Just over a year ago my body made it to the top of Timp (and then some, about 20 miles hiking in all).  Now I waddle with the weight of this unborn boy when I venture out for my morning walks.  I wonder sometimes how I might ever be able to run again and be strong enough to summit a mountain.  Papi carried the goose in the pack for a short hike on Sunday morning.  We only had about 40 minutes because I was letting the cinnamon roll dough rise.  But it was just enough fresh, cool air to revive me and invite me to pray thanksgivings for the beauty of this earth at this time of year.  

Oh how I'm soaking up living so close to my parents right now.  Who knows where we'll be in a year or two?  We have no idea.  I truly hope we'll still be around, but if not, then let me be so grateful for a father who will port my daughter and for a mother who texted me Saturday night, "What are you guys up to?"  I called her and said we were just getting dinner on and I had actually been wondering what she was up to because I wanted to come up and let the kids run around in the backyard.  She had a better idea.  Swim lesson.  The kids were in heaven.  I just love this picture I got of them.  

Oh, how I love Marmee.  Both my parents never stop giving.  My thank yous never feel like enough, so I'll keep striving to emulate all their kindness and goodness.