Tuesday, February 16, 2010

married and jerusalem

all in a week.

And I'm too lazy to write much, so I'll direct you here to what Andrew wrote.

I will say that it was a most beautiful day. And I'm still a fan of Mr. Smith (translate: I love him). Yep yep yep.

I'll have to write more later.

We're starting up a blog (rewandlyn.blogspot) together. I don't know how much you'll find on it now, but look for more to come.

We're just settling in (trying to beat the jet lag game). Andrew starts school in a week and we're trying to find me something to do volunteer/service-wise around here. We've found a few things and hopefully something will turn up.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it's february

third already. I have three minutes to write before going to get my hair trimmed. I ran with Marmee this morning. Didn't see any deer friends. Ate two grapefruit (do I pluralize with an s or not? I'm not sure...) and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Yum. Did some reading and a little cleaning. Today we're going to the temple with our padres and Sierra. She got here late Monday night and we spent most of yesterday with her and Eli. Arlette, Samuel, and baby Sarah arrive today. We're pretty much done with all the planning. We have a little grocery shopping to do and a few other things to accomplish, but we're almost there.

Less than three days!

Huzzah! does not even begin to capture how happy and excited I am, but, "Huzzah!"

Happy Wednesday!