Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swiss Family Riesen

Monday night I got to spend some time with Larissa, Brigitte, and Peter.

Dad fixed a garden jubilee dinner. Get this. From his garden: carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, cabbage. From Grampa's: potatoes and onions. From Pa's mighty hunting skills: elk. Yep, my dad is pretty much the most amazing dad ever.

We were well fed--both physically and spiritually. I got to hear Peter recount a very sad day in February when Celine, his grand-daughter, died from crib death. Peter is my Swiss dad because his daughter, Arlette, is one of my dearest friends--a kindred spirit for sure. Celine is Arlette's second daughter. Celine was only four months old when she died. Eamon was two months old when I got the phone call. Nothing felt right as I listened to the terrible news that day. I hate the space of being more than an ocean away. Celine would have been one year old yesterday. She, Arlette, Samuel, and Sarah have been very much on my mind and in my heart this week.

I've had several "heavy boots" sorts of moments this week. It's hard to see Tawna in so much pain. It kills me I can't give Arlette a hug right now. Just lots going on. But there's hope, and hope is what I'm trying to have because that's what will pull me through.

Well, would love time to write more, but there are things to tend to. Happy Thursday!